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The Stormwind Guard
Welcome to the Stormwind Guard! Please feel free to explore our website and look over the information on it. Though you may be wondering what we are about?

The First Regiment of the Stormwind Guard is tasked with the daily protection of Stormwind and her people. As such we are a Constabulary force that policies the streets, but also is a Military Unit that can be tasked with campaigns when the King calls for it, or Stormwind High Command.

The Stormwind Guard is run by Lord Marshal Adroby Darius Relindor, and has been for years now. But here are some of our officers;

Commander Nathan Zaregorin
Commander Atles Silverblade
Captain Sheeley Sit'Tabat
Lieutenant Vlad von Wraith

If interested in joining our Regiment, or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the Lord-Marshal or one of the listed Officers!